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Facilitator: Surj Bahra

Sekhem Infinite Khrem (“Sekhem”) Vibrational Energy System

Sekhem energy is intelligent and powerful but gentle, loving and compassionate which brings about positive change in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, with a completeness that addresses the very deep underlying cause.  It helps release thoughts and limiting beliefs held in our subtle bodies that create symptoms of blockage and disease in our physical form, whilst rebalancing our energy systems and filling us with light and wisdom.

Through the specific conscious intention of the person receiving it, the flow of Sekhem energy can have a focused direction as well as flow to where it is needed by the higher consciousness. Just like filling an unusual shaped glass with lots of indentations with water, this energy will enter and balance the areas of body, mind, emotions and spirit where it is most needed.

During this workshop you will:

  • Be initiated in the 5 Level 1 Symbols and learn the function and use of each one
  • Be trained in seated treatments, self treatments, group shares
  • Learn and discuss the core system, chakra system; layers of the energy field and positions of the organs in the body
  • Learn the procedure for a hands-on session and practice receiving and giving such a session.
  • Be introduced to the basics of energy work including: creating sacred space, protection, grounding, cleansing, understanding the importance of ritual, and appreciating the importance of words and other communication.
  • Discuss the Language of the Body

A manual will be provided to support what is learnt in the course.

The focus of the Level One workshop is to:

  • Impart the underlying philosophy of Sekhem
  • Provide a strong understanding of, and confidence in, using the basic healing techniques.
  • To practice how to use this wonderful energy in your everyday life, for your own empowerment and to begin the personal development path that will bring a stronger remembering of who you truly are.

Benefits of Sekhem:

  • Heightens your sense of awareness of who you are with a vibrancy to be more fully in the present
  • Empowers you to address imbalances in your physical body by addressing the underlying emotional and mental imbalances
  • Brings forth to the conscious mind what needs to be addressed regarding your relationships with yourself and others

Sekhem Infinite Khrem Level 1

13 January 2018 from 11:00am to 5:00pm
14 January 2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Cost: HK$3,800

There needs to be a minimum 3 months interval between level 1 & 2 to ensure you fully understand and practice the use of Sekhem Infinite Khrem.



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