Personal Development Workshops

Family Constellation

A family constellation (also known as systemic constellation) is an experiential process that aims to release and resolve profound issues within and between people. The constellation creates a representation of a person’s energy field that allows us to explore interpersonal situations and complexities more fully. The process provides an insight into the hidden dynamics in a family, and is used to gain an understanding and provide healing without the physical presence of every family member.

How it Works:

Before starting each constellation, the client discusses their objective/ issue with the facilitator.

With everyone seated in a circle, the client is asked to intuitively select representatives that are associated with their issue and place them within the circle. The client then sits back and watches the interplay of all the participants, revealing the story of their life and indications of where the issues have stemmed from. The facilitator guides the process for all the participants, and points the constellation towards a resolution.

If You Have:

  • Unrecognized blocks to success, marriage, creativity, harmonious relationships
  • Unresolved relationships e.g. with parent/s, partner, child
  • Persistent money / business issues
  • Unexplained intense emotions of sadness or anger
  • Feelings of being ‘stuck’ or ‘weighed down’ in life
  • Inertia
  • Persistent body symptoms (such as obesity, anorexia, asthma, panic attacks, ulcer colitis, cancer). This work is complementary to medical care and not a substitute for it; thorough medical assessment and treatment is of course necessary first.
  • Difficulties in dealing with an important life event. These could include: early deaths, major accidents or illnesses, divorces or separations, complications during childbirth, adoptions, abortions, etc.


  • Receive deep insights on an experiential level on what is needed to accept, remedy or resolve a deep rooted situation
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the relationships with the people and elements in your life
  • Become aware of why people and/or elements in your life are the way they are
  • Develop compassion for people in your life as you understand them better
  • Understand the effect your actions and thinking has on others
  • Gain the opportunity to become the observer to the hidden dynamics of persisting situations in your life – revealing the bigger picture
  • Experience profound physical and energetic shifts in your life as a result of the constellation

Approximately 90 mins

For the client: $2,000.00 HKD (if they client arranges fora minimum of 5 volunteers)
$2,2250.00 HKD (if the client arranges a minimum of 2 volunteers)
$2,500.00 HKD (if AAY is to arrange for a minimum of  5 volunteers)