A Centre for Wellbeing and Transformation

Giving Back

We love Giving Back to those with less resources and our way of giving back is to offer coaching and hypnotherapy sessions that explore, heal and empower. All sessions are with a senior practitioner.

Charitable Clinic

Our clinic is opened once a month to people abover the age of 18, and who are earning a salary of less than HK$10,000 per month. You can choose to work through any issue you are facing or are struggling with, and our hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in a safe and confidential space.

Case Studies

To become a Certified Hypnotherapist, students are required to complete five levels of extensive training in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as offer 10 completed (healed and resolved) pro-bono case studies.

If you would like to offer yourself up as a case study to one of our interns, please contact us. As a case study there are set forms you are required to complete, as well as a nominal fee of $200.00 HKD per session. The fee covers the cost of the space for your sessions, and the forms help the Hypnotherapy Student with their certification process.