Holistic Health Coaching

Our practitioners take a holistic approach looking supporting you as a whole person. Relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health as the food you eat. Choose your preferred package from the options outlined below.

Health in Your Hands

A total focus on your health goals with a tailor-made program to guide and support you through a friendly coaching approach.  We will assess your lifestyle, habits, preferences-each session has a different spotlight on your health and together we make your goal happen.

This is a 6 session package of 50 minutes for each session with one free 30 minutes initial skype call/casual meetup.

Sessions are bi-weekly.

Handouts, guidance and email support will be available between sessions.

* Available via skype

50 minutes per session

$4,200.00 HKD

Healthy Direction

This is a 2 session package which is perfect for someone who is self-motivated and looking for a specific health goal to point him/her to the right direction.

A detailed plan will be drawn up and explained

* Available via skype

60 minutes per session

$1,800.00 HKD