Private Sessions for Wellbeing

Image Consulting

“It takes less than five seconds to make a first impression and a first impression is always the most lasting impression.” – Sonia Samtani

Sonia is dedicated to enhancing the image that people set for themselves, both by their thoughts and their visual presence. The individual sessions on image supports people to bring their most desirable traits to the forefront and leave a desirable impression.

We offer individual and packaged sessions.

Color Analysis and Personal Branding

This is a specialized one-time consultation for women to enhance their beauty. Sonia uses drapes and swatches to determine the colors that bring out the best of your natural features and expressions. Taking an indepth look at the hue, intensity and contrast levels, she customizes her analysis to your personality.

By the end of the session, you would know your complete palette of colors that suit you for different types of occasions including professional wear, formal wear, party wear and casual colors.

60 – 90 minutes

Color Analysis and Personal Branding – $1,750.00 HKD
Session including Personal Color Palette – $2,250.00 HKD

Style and Personality Dressing Analysis

This session will give you a thorough understanding of the different layers of your personality in a systematic manner, and the character of clothing that suits you best. As a trained Universal Style consultant, Sonia Samtani will use nine personality assessment tools to define your character into one basic and two accent styles. She will then show you how to dress to express these three characters.

You will get a deeper understanding of yourself and plenty of recommendations on how to choose and modify your clothing and accessories in alignment with your style.

60 – 90 minutes

$1,750.00 HKD

Bodyline and Style Analysis

In just a single consultation, you will discover your unique body signature.

The consultation includes:

  • Body Proportion Analysis – Your consultant will measure your body proportion in relevance to the length of your face, and show you the length of skirts, trousers and tops that suit you best.
  • Body Shape Analysis – Using principles of line, shape, color and style, you will discover your body shape and the clothing that enhances you most.
  • Body Type Analysis – We will assess the overall appearance of your body, your visual weight and the most apparent lines in your body to determine which fabrics will drape best on your body.
  • Face Shape Analysis – You will be guided through the accessories and prints that bring out the best of your facial features and face shape.
  • Dressing for Figure Challenges – You will learn techniques to camouflage features of your body that you are uncomfortable with and enhance your best features.

60 to 90 minutes

$1,750.00 HKD

Wardrobe Analysis and Cleanout

This session is a direct application of all the skills that you have learned about your image. Your consultant will reorganize and transform your wardrobe, keep only the garments that are suitable to your color, body proportions, shape and character. You will be left with 3 piles of clothing; the perfect pile that goes back in your wardrobe color-coded, the tailoring pile with suggestions for alterations, and the charity pile. Most people keep reusing the same 20% of their clothes, this process allows you to save time and money, and gives you the satisfaction of being able to wear a 100% of the clothes in your closet.

Take-aways from the session:

  • Clothing evaluation
  • How to recognize the items that flatter you the most
  • How to develop wardrobe clusters / capsule wardrobe
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Identifying items that are needed to complete or compliment outfits
  • Recognizing what needs to be nipped / tucked to suit your body shape

Minimim 3 hours (more hours can be purchased if needed)

Fee: prices do not including transportation
3 hours – $3,400.00 HKD
4 hours – $4,600.00 HKD
5 hours – $5,800.00 HKD

Package: Image Enhancement

The image package consists of all four sessions focused on outer image:

  • Color Analysis including your Personal Color Palette
  • Bodyline and Style Analysis
  • Personality Dressing Analysis
  • Wardrobe Analysis and Cleanout

Duration: 3 image enhancement sessions of 60 minutes plus 2 hours for wardrobe analysis

Total Value – $8,100.00 HKD
Package Price – $7,400.00 HKD (saving of $700.00 HKD)

Package: Inside Out Overhaul

The Inside Out Overhaul Package consists of all the sessions from the Image Enhancement package, plus four Personal Development sessions to achieve any specific objective / goal. The combination of the package and personal development sessions gives you a complete makeover on all levels.

We promise that you will both look and feel significantly different after these sessions and discover many new aspects of yourself.

Duration: 3 image enhancement sessions of 60 minutes, 2 hours wardrobe analysis plus 4 personal development sessions of 60-90 minutes

Total Value – $13,700.00 HKD
Package Price – $12,700.00 HKD (saving of $1,000.00 HKD)