Private Sessions for Wellbeing

Loss & Grief Counselling

An effective means of dealing with loss is to verbalize ones grief, and to have someone experienced help you through this difficult time.   Grief is unique, complex and very personal.   However emotional healing and adjusting to new realities can be achieved with objective, confidential, reciprocal sharing with a trained counsellor.

Loss and the resultant grief can be associated with, among other things:

  • The passing of a loved one;
  • Coping with the anticipated loss of a loved one who has a terminal illness;
  • Coping with a special needs child or sibling;
  • The dissolution of a marriage or long term relationship;
  • The unanticipated loss of a job or the inevitability of retirement;
  • Relocation to another country;
  • Adult children leaving home;
  • Loss of a cherished pet.


* Available via skype

90 minutes

Initial Session $1,500.00 HKD
4 Sessions $4,800.00 HKD
8 Sessions $8,800 HKD