Numerology & Palmistry

Numerology provide greater accuracy in respect of timings and psychological assessment. The benefits of experiencing a numerology reading are endless and incredibly empowering. Through the use of your date of birth our practitioner can immediately assess your personality, individual strengths & challenges and your current yearly cycle to determine what the future holds for you. Numerology is also an excellent tool for assessing compatibility within personal relationships and families. It can be applied to almost any situation you have faced in the past or are likely to face in the future.

Palmistry is an incredibly accurate tool for self-awareness. The palms of your hand are a unique blueprint for your life’s journey, and understanding this blueprint enables you to access specific information not only about future trends, but also about a whole range of ‘here and now’ issues such as relationships, health, work, money and travel.

With over 40 years hands-on experience as a professional palmist and teacher of the subject, Max uses his keen insight and deep understanding of palmistry to personally guide, counsel and empower his clients. Max’s honest and inspiring manner coupled with his accuracy and practical approach guarantee a life changing experience that will open the doors of possibility in exciting ways. Max will assist you to more easily confront and resolve your issues in order to reach your full potential. Whether it’s spirituality, love & relationships, careers, children, finances and more. Max will give you the answers and understanding you seek.

A session includes a combination of palmistry and numerology to ensure you get the most accurate and helpful information, every time.

* Available via skype

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $1,600.00 HKD