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Annette Akman

Tarot Coach

As a Tarot Coach, I meet the client where they are at. Together we create a question, and base the Tarot spread on that question to gain optimal insights. Tarot Coaching asks us to be co-creators and take responsibility for our lives. I will offer the client suggestions for further development exercises based on the Tarot reading.

Life presents us with all sorts of choices. Some take us on the path of empowerment, while others keep us stuck in unfulfilling patterns. In today’s stressful world, it’s not always easy to hear the quiet voice of our own intuition. In a Tarot Coaching session with Annette, we will use the Tarot to decipher opportunities and challenges. In this way the client will be able to see the best path forward, and take action steps towards life goals. If the client would like to create a new self ideal, we will use photography to embolden that vision.

Tarot has been one of my greatest gifts in life. Through light moments and dark, Tarot has always been there to guide and warn me. For twenty years now I have used it not only to anticipate potentialities, but also to deepen my self knowledge and empower my life choices.