Metaphor Therapy

Tthe subconscious mind stores and presents information in the form of visuals and that we all talk about our deeper experiences through the use of descriptive visuals which are known as Metaphors.

This tendency of the human mind to reveal itself through hidden words is said to a Metaphorical Expression, which also explains that the deeper underlying meaning that lies hidden in some potent descriptive words which are expressed in form of images. Needless to say that these images can form the very basis of a very effective communication and counseling session.

Metaphor therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic tool providing a unique approach to psychology and allowing a counselor to understand the core issue in greater detail. It easily brings up the issues at a cognitive level without disturbing the emotional equilibrium.


For a session you will need to provide a drawing of a landscape in crayons to the counselor prior to the session should it be a skype session. The counselor will form an analysis which will be the basis of your session.

* Available via skype

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $1,200.00 HKD