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Speaking and Presenting Individual Sessions

Using Sonia’s ABC philosophy, this revolutionary Hong Kong based program helps you overcome your fear of public speaking. By working on your Appearance, Beliefs and Communication, you are equiped with the skills needed to inspire an audience confidently and effectively.

Sonia offers one-to-one personalised consultations, as well as a full-day group workshop.

Our individual Sessions Include:

Over a series of five private sessions, Sonia offers a cohesive and customized intensive into public speaking. From maintaining an inviting posture, delivering a professional presentation, and still keeping a personal touch; the sessions would cover all of these and much more. Sonia works to groom your vocal, visual and verbal skills, and takes your public speaking and presentation skills to a level that you would be proud of.


* Available via skype

60 – 90 minutes


1 Single Session:
– $1,750.00 HKD
Package of 5 sessions:
– $7,800.00 HKD