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Beginners Palmistry

Your hands are a UNIQUE map and detailed code of your life that contain the secrets of your past, present and future.  No two hands are alike, and even your right hand is different to your left hand!  Palmistry is an intuitive art and a highly accurate tool which gives you much insight about others and of course yourself.  Learning to read palms is incredibly empowering and will give you a distinct advantage in many areas of your life.  Imagine being able to instantly analyse new people & situations and make positive choices just from a glance at the palms.

This workshop is suited to the beginner or as a refresher to the advanced practitioner, and requires no previous experience.

Topics Include:

  • How to quickly master the fundamentals of reading palms
  • The importance of the major lines on the palm (heart line, head line & life line)
  • Hand shapes and sizes
  • What each finger means and what wearing rings signifies
  • Unusual and important markings to look out for and much more

The use of palmistry will be simplified so that it is easy and accessible by everyone. You will learn things that cannot be readily found in books and only years of experience can reveal. you will be shown how palmistry can be easily applied to love & relationships, career, health, finances, spirituality and so much more.

Course notes are provided

10:00am to 4:30pm


$1,800.00 HKD