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Practitioner Training at All About You

At All About You we provide a safe space to heal and gain life tools that can assist anyone, young ...
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Life-Long Learning for Humans in the School of Earth | Sonia Samtani | TEDxEdUHK

Sonia Samtani elaborates on the school of Earth and how we navigate through its challenges as opportunities for growth and ...
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The Little Hijacker in You | Sonia Samtani | TEDxCityUHongKong

There is a "little you" in your mind that you might not know about, and this "little you" might come ...
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Awareness Talk: Fast Track Technique with Jaz Goven & Gina Robinson

Facilitators: Jaz Goven and Gina Robinson Jaz Goven, Creator of Fast Track Technique and Gina Robinson are looking forward to meeting ...
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Introducing to the centre, Empowering Artwork

“A painting, like a thought, is very powerful and if you want to change your life, you need to alter ...
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South China Morning Post Feature

I was featured in the SCMP recently. Here is an excerpt of the interview. Hong Kong hypnotherapist unlocks power of ...
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