Conscious Mind

Conscious Living: From Pain to Peace

A word of warning: if you’ve discovered how to live consciously through reading, attending workshops, or meditating, it doesn’t necessarily translate into actually living consciously. Conscious living is a choice we make every moment, especially in the painful moments.  Part of being conscious is being able to accept that pain is one of the things we will face in our lives on earth, but (as many of us know) suffering is a choice.

Suffering comes from us interpreting our pain as being bad, wrong, and something that shouldn’t happen to us. What if we chose to reinterpret the experience of pain as a part of our life plan? First off, it may actually reduce the periods of pain because when we accept it consciously instead of judging or being resigned to situations, they don’t have the same hold over us. Secondly, we can choose to channel the pain as fuel to learn and grow from. All exponential growth is the byproduct of overcoming periods of pain and turning things around. If you took a moment to play any breakthrough experience in slow motion, you will see that the growth is in those moments where you made a powerful choice to think differently and stop being the victim of circumstances. It could be to finally decide I don’t deserve to be abused anymore and end a relationship, or choose to stop punishing ourselves for mistakes we’ve made in the past.

This month I invite you to think about what pain have you been facing recently, and what would be a new way to interpret this without making yourself the victim. To my beloved Hong Konger’s, I encourage you to apply these questions to the current situation that’s been happening and find a way to grow from reinterpreting all that’s happening around us.

What’s Your Emotional Trigger?

We all know the feeling when something small just gets to us. Maybe colleagues have gone for a drink without you, maybe you overheard an uncomplimentary comment about your new dress. Your conscious mind tells you to shrug this off, but your unconscious mind has other plans! Before you know it, your emotions are spiraling out of control with wounds from the past reopened. By understanding what your emotional triggers are, you can work to heal and regain control. Our article on common emotional triggers is a great place to start. Click here to read the article as featured on Sassy Mama Hong Kong.

Mental Health And Stress: How Your Mind Affects Your Overall Health

What do you think of when you hear the words “wellness” or “conscious living”? Usually our minds go straight to thinking balanced meals, yoga and exercise, fitness etc. It’s great that many people today are aware of wellness and are taking steps to implement various aspects of it in their lives. However, wellness is not just about eating and working out. The real key to conscious living lies in your mind. Change your beliefs and the way you think and get ready to transform your life. Interested? The first article in my series on mental health and stress is up on Sassy Mamma now. Click here to read the full article.