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Learn to Read Tarot Systematically and Intuitively with Qabalistic Philosophy – Level 2

This course is designed to deepen the connection to your Tarot Deck that you forged in Level 1. Since you have already taken the time to get familiar with each of the energies in the deck, now connect further by actually making a set of twenty two Major Cards. Using guided meditation and a wide variety of example decks, we will produce our own “Majors” decks drawing directly from our unconscious connection to the cards. We will learn about the Hebrew Letters along the way, and the symbols they connect with.
Students who take this course will be rewarded with a powerful set of personal tools for exploring the Qabalistic Tarot System for both readings and personal transformation.

Students will learn:

  • How to “scry” for images of unconscious significance
  • How to make a story out of the Major Arcana – the Fool’s Journey
  • How to classify actions using the four magikal tools: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles
  • How to work with or without spreads to read cards for yourself or your friends
  • Students will experience:

  • A meditative and creative practice of reflection and expression
  • Many different versions of each of the Major Arcana and a discussion of the different perspectives of each
  • The powerful process of making your own Trump cards
  • A language for gaining access to dreams and the unconscious
  • What students need (or might want) for the course:

  • Students require a Rider-Waite-Smith style Tarot deck. There will be an opportunity to purchase a deck if they do not have one already. Please notify in advance if this is needed
  • Students should bring their notes from Level 1
  • Students can also bring other decks, notebooks, and personal supplies like Tarot bags or reading cloths
  • Students will have an opportunity to buy a selection of Tarot decks, oracles, and books directly at the workshop
  • About your facilitator:
    Dr. Peter Duchemin is an engaging and approachable guide to the magic and mystery of the Tarot cards. He is an internationally recognised artist and philosopher of Tarot and Magick with an PhD in interdisciplinary magical traditions. He has 25+ years practical experience with the Qabalistic Tarot, and has knowledge of sacred traditions from all over the world. He has performed and taught across five continents.


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