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Facilitator: Jaz Goven

Fast Track Online Workshop (Secrets Of The Skin)

Nearly 2 meters long and weighing almost 5 kg, your skin is the largest organ in your body and also happens to be a reflection of your mood and health problems. Which is why intense negative feelings become visible on the skin.

Your skin and your emotions are intimately related and sometimes your skin expresses the very thing you are trying to hide.

Think about it… When you’re embarrassed your cheeks turn red. If you are afraid, your skin goes pale. When you are in love, your face lights up. If something strongly affects you, you get goosebumps. There are many cases in which these ‘changes’ in your skin are a clue to your emotional state. So what secrets are being held in your skin and what messages is your skin giving to you that you are ignoring or don’t want to hear?

Also, your skin is what separates you from the world, from another person or situation. It protects you as you move towards and defends you as you retreat and can also absorb external negativity from your environment which affects different systems in your body including your nervous system and your immune system. Your skin also remembers mental and emotional traumas at a cellular level as well as physical traumas such as accidents, operations, fights and arguments. Your skin expands when you’re pregnant then contracts when you’re not. It’s with you throughout all the good times and all of the bad. And since much of this is remembered at a cellular level each time you move towards something that your subconscious perceives at similar, it will activate that place in the body or your skin where it is remembered, whether you consciously remember it or not….

In this unique Fast Track Workshop Jaz will work with the collective of the group and individuals to release shock, trauma, anger, irritation and other ‘secrets’ being remembered in your skin.

What to expect? Releasing any or all of the above will bring more Peace – Calm – Harmony and Joy into your being with more respect and value for the skin that you’re living in.

Who should join? Anyone with a skin condition, nervous disorder, high blood pressure, high levels of stress, anger or agitation and everyone interested in slowing down the aging process.


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