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Facilitator: Jaz Goven

A new year brings opportunities to make new resolutions for a better life, healthier eating, losing weight, finishing a project, starting something new. We are empowered, focused and start off with so much positive energy and good intentions. However, often that commitment begins to fall away, because we are trying to change too much too soon, and we actually set ourselves up to fail and often within the first month.

So, what if you chose just ONE resolution? One which would expand and grow with you throughout the whole year? Bringing to you all the other resolves you want at the same time?

What if it is time for you to BE the gift you already are? The gift you were born to be?

What if allowing yourself to be that gift on a daily basis puts you in flow with the feel-good factor, matching you with everything you already are and everything meant for you?

What if this was simple easy and fun and took just a few minutes a day and the evidence shows up beyond your mind, your dreams, your resolutions?

What if that is only the start and even more is possible?

No going back into the past, no old stories, no guilt, shame or blame. Just You focusing on Being the gift you already are and the rest just shrivels up because you no longer feed that part.

Join Jaz and Fast Track Technique to uncover the gift you already are and allow this gift to bring you everything you desire with grace, ease and flow.

What better way to start your year – Be the Gift You Already Are – NOW!


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