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Facilitator: Yuvraj Kapadia

Studying hypnosis in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly popular. Learning the five-levelled curriculum by the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII)/ EKAA has appealed to people for a number of reasons. Some do it for the joy of the knowledge alone while others do it to become a qualified therapist or teacher of the curriculum. A career in this fields can be personally enriching as well as financially viable.

The 5 Levels of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy:

  • Level 1 – Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Level 2 – Certification Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions
  • Level 3 – Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions
  • Level 4 – Course on Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis
  • Level 5 – Certification Course on Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy


  • Concept of healing and importance of a comprehensive healing approach
  • Origin and Reversibility of Disease
  • The relationship between the mind, body and soul and Life Plan
  • Creating the appropriate balance within them-selves and become effective channels of healing
  • Effects of different types of breathing patterns on the human system
  • Effects of different types of natural body vibrations in releasing physical aches and pains
  • Meridian stimulating techniques to achieve emotional relaxation
  • Interacting with and experiencing various different frequencies of Universal Energy
  • Techniques to tap these frequencies for appropriate use in daily life specifically for healing
  • The basic flow of energy through the chakra system of the human body
  • Understand it’s interrelation with thoughts and heal using a crystal pendulum and appropriate affirmations
  • Techniques for feeling the aura and the chakras with the hands
  • Hands-on technique for cleansing, energizing and shielding the aura and the chakras
  • Feeling the energies of various objects, rooms etc. and cleaning and energizing them
  • Use of Crystals in healing
  • Meridian stimulating techniques to experience emotional relaxation
  • Radical Healing
  • Allergy Management
  • Smoking Cessation

Duration: 8 Days consecutively.

Certification: Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

Prerequisite: Level 4 – Course in Integrated Spiritual Hypnosis


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Level 5 Hypnotherapy $10,920.00 Sold out
Refresher (per day) $300.00 Sold out

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