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Private NLP Coaching Sessions with Peter Freeth

What would make the biggest difference in your life, relationships and work? Better strategic decision making? Overcoming a fear of public speaking? Anxiety? Stress? Become aware of, notice, understand and respond to what motivates other people. Perhaps you want to make important changes in your life? Get through an interview? Develop your leadership skills and professional relationships?

You’re not alone. And you can change all of this, easily, with the right support.

Every year, Peter works with professionals from all walks of life in over 500 private coaching sessions. Simon recently said, “I found that more useful… that little discussion… than 12 months of CBT…I let it go and actually felt a weight being lifted”

Book a one to one private session with Peter at the All About You wellness centre, to work on anything that you want to be different in your life. Work, relationships, personal goals, in my 25 years as a coach, I can promise you two things. Firstly, you’re not the only person who feels that way and secondly, it’s far easier than you think to make the changes that you want.

With a highly skilled expert and a willing and insightful client, working together to identify the underlying repetitive patterns of these issues and introducing changes at a deeper level, the results you want are achievable after just one session. If change is what you really want, it’s faster than you imagined. Note that this approach is NOT counselling, its purpose is to help you to overcome specific issues that you feel are holding you back in some way, professionally or privately.

These sessions are perfect for you if you’re committed to the hard work that leads to change. The private session will give you the foundation, the motivation and the means to make real and measurable changes. Putting it into practice in your life is still down to you. If you’re willing to do that, anything is possible.

He has worked with people from all walks of life and cultures, all organisational levels, people just like you who want more for themselves, and want to be more for their colleagues, friends and family, starting right now.

Private sessions are currently full. Please contact us directly for future available bookings.