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Facilitator: Jaz Goven

Fast Track Series Online Workshops #1
First in a monthly series of 2-hour, Fast Track Technique Online Workshops, addressing various challenges we commonly face.

What Else Is Possible In The ‘New Normal’?

Human beings are often heard to say that we like change, we’re flexible and go with the flow. Actually, this isn’t true. What we really want is for others to change so we feel comfortable and think we are flexible and in-flow. We want what we want when we want it because we are a good person and good people are right. Sound familiar?

Before cv, we might not have enjoyed or valued certain things in our life, but they were familiar, and we did them anyhow. Already we are being forced to do ‘life’ differently and discovering more about ourselves, our relationships with others and how we respond when life becomes different. Here is a magnificent opportunity to step out of what’s familiar and see what else is possible in the ‘new normal’ and get excited about what can unfold in you and for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you gonna stick with the old operating system based in fear and control and hope the world looks the same after cv? Or are you ready and willing to expand your awareness, open your creativity, unleash more of your gifts, develop your intuition and see what else is possible for you NOW?
If your answer to this is YES then join me and Fast Track Technique and get yourself a first-class ticket on the sky rocket into the ‘new normal’.

In this ‘new normal’ workshop we delve deeply into outdated subconscious programming releasing blocks, limitations, stubbornness and old ways of being.

Fast Track Technique is the super sleuth of subconscious programming and will discover and release old beliefs, programs and behaviour patterns and reprogram you into the ‘new normal’ – or something even better.


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