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Fast Track Technique Level 1

Fast Track Technique – Level 1 Personal Transformation
A One Day Certified Training

Engage your mind transform your life

Fast Track Technique is a powerful and intelligent healing system for self investigation, self realization and transformation. It provides immediate, permanent and positive change and is easy to learn.

Learning Fast Track for yourself allows you to access to both your higher conscious and sub-conscious mind easily and get answers every time. Using the Fast Track specially developed Cards, a conversation develops between your consciousness directing you to specific events, situations or areas of your life where shock, trauma or negativity was experienced. These experiences create blockages in your system and disrupt the normal flow of energy, thereby contributing to physical illness, emotional difficulties and also inhibit your ability to reach your full and true potential.

The Fast Track unique system locates the root cause of any issue along with other existing aspects and removes them quickly, safely and permanently.

After releasing whatever is keeping you ‘stuck’ Fast Track then re-programs your subconscious mind in the form of a Desired Outcome or affirmation, which continues to work and gain strength each time you apply it.

Fast Track Technique can be used in all areas of your life and is only limited by your imagination.

What you will learn:

  • The benefits of Fast Track Technique, what you can achieve and where you can take it.
  • Demonstration of how to use Fast Track Technique on yourself.
  • Practice how to access your own subconscious mind using muscle testing.
  • Make friends and experience the magic, transformation and healing of your Fast Track Transformation Cards and discover all sorts of information about yourself and who you are
  • Learn how to use the Fast Track Technique system
  • Learn how to Fast Track the release of your issue safely, quickly and permanently.
  • Learn how to re-programme your sub-conscious mind with your own Desired Outcome and what you ‘consciously’ want and deserve.
  • Join the Fast Track Family, learn, grow and feel supported as you move forward into new states of consciousness and self awareness.

Fast Track Technique is more than a healing modality. It’s a unique system you can incorporate into your daily life and change your body, change your mind and change your life in your own way now!

1 Day Workshop


$2,000.00 HKD