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Fast Track Technique Level 2

Fast Track Technique Level 2 – Expansion
One Day Certified Course

Having completed and practiced Fast Track Technique Level 1, it is time to go deeper into the system, expand your practice and learn more ways to muscles test and more ways to help others.

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Revision, Questions and Answers from Level 1
  • Learn how to muscle test another person, including troubleshooting
  • Going deeper into The Fast Track System. Learn about and work with the Set Point of an issue (the habit) and how it differs from your current level today and change them both
  • Watch a step by step ‘hands-on’ demonstration of how to conduct a Fast Track session on another person
  • Practice: how to access the subconscious mind of another person using muscle testing.
  • Learn how to use your and interpret another person’s issue using your Fast Track Cards
  • Practice how to release blockages and imbalances on another person safely, immediately and permanently.
  • Learn how to use another person as surrogate or substitute for someone who is too young or ill to be muscles tested.
  • Learn how to be proxy or stand-in for another person who is unable to attend a session or is in a different location.
  • Learn how to protect yourself and other people’s energies.
  • Learn how to assist another person re-program their subconscious mind with their Desired Outcome.
  • Learn how to use the Sway Test to clear remaining imbalances which, for some reason, did not present them during the session

After completion of Level 2 you will be encouraged and supported to ‘go out’ and use Fast Track Technique on family, friends, colleagues and pets to gain experience, develop your skill and further understand this amazing intelligent healing system.

At Level 2 you are in training to become a Professional Certified Fast Track Practitioner and can apply to become a Recommended Level 3 Fast Track Practitioner.

One Day Workshop


$2,000.00 HKD