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Image Enhancement

A Professional Personal Image is key, not only to communicate your identity, but to communicate the values and professionalism of the company. Discover how to dramatically enhance your visual appearance by understanding the colour, style and character of clothes that suit you best.

Building a professional Image is not about looking like someone or something else, but rather understanding and aligning your personal image with your corporate identity to help you gain and maintain credibility.

This short workshop includes group activities and personalized takeaways.

Venue: We can conduct this training at your premises or ours; whichever is most suitable for the training and number or participants.

Requirements: Projector for PowerPoint presentation, whiteboard/ flipchart, enough space to move around



Subject to the requirements and objective of the company, the training can be anywhere from a few hours to full-days Participants: A minimum of 10 participants per session

10 – 25 pax – HKD 5,000.00 per hour
25 – 50 pax – HKD 5,500.00 per hour
50 – 100 pax – HKD 6,000.00 per hour
100 pax and over – HKD 6,500.00 per hour