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Marketing Made Easy with Peter Freeth

Work directly on your marketing activities.

Available upon request and as a private session.


Peter Freeth

Marketing Made Easy

For anyone running a business or providing personal services, the single most important activity is business development – finding new clients and customers. If you’re not generating new business then you’re not using your training, sharing your wisdom, bringing your expertise to the world and, most importantly, you’re not going to stay in business for very long.

If you spend any time on social media, you’ll be inundated with experts telling you how to market your business or, more likely, offering to take on your marketing for you, for a fee. Ultimately, no-one knows more about your business than you do, and your clients and customers want to connect directly with your expertise and your credibility. Whilst there are some tasks that you can outsource, there is no-one better placed to market your business than you, and that’s what you’ll learn in the Marketing Made Easy workshop series. More than that, in each monthly session, you’ll work directly on your marketing activities and see the results over the six months of the workshop series.

Marketing Made Easy is led by master coach Peter Freeth who is the resident NLP Master Trainer at All About You. Peter has over 30 years experience in service sales, from major outsourcing projects right through to global corporate training and personal coaching services, provided through Peter’s consulting business, Genius, for the past 20 years. Peter’s innovative work in service sales and marketing is used by coaches, therapists, trainers and consultants all over the world through his books which include ‘How to Sell Coaching’ and through these unique masterclasses, available exclusively through All About You.


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