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Power, Poise and Presence

Do you lose credibility before you even speak a word? It only takes 2 seconds to create a first impression, and this determines many of the opportunities that come your way!

Sonia will demonstrate the principles of image, and how you can maximize its various components to project your best personal brand. This is a positive and outcome-focused seminar that is created specifically for leaders who are committed to expanding and developing their visual presentation.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify words that represent your personal and professional brand
  • Distinguish between formal, business and leisure dressing styles
  • Recognize the hue, value, intensity and contrast of colors most suited to you
  • Understand your body shape and identify styles that are most flattering
  • Account for your vertical body proportions and weight
  • Camouflage and handle figure challenges
  • Use the tools of balance, harmony, rhythm, repetition and contrast
  • Gain an analysis of the lines and shapes in your face and body, and how you can use this to choose your clothes and accessories
  • Recognize your best suited prints and patterns
  • Accessorize in ways that enhance your best features and minimize the features you do not like as much
  • Discover your styling personality and learn to create a style you call your own
  • Gain an image check-list to help you apply the styling principals when you shop
  • Receive a real-time evaluation on your current image
  • Understand four parts of image and gain tools to enhance your appearance, behavior and communication
  • Learn how to dress appropriately for “casual” Fridays
  • Understand the role of color in presenting your best image

By the end of the session your will be able to ‘image up’ or ‘image down’. Grasping the essentials of grooming, you will command your power, presence and poise at various occasions. You will be able to differentiate between dressing and behaving for general office work days, meeting with clients, presentation to groups, meeting with senior figures, and internal meetings.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Improvement in overall appearance
  • Improve communication
  • Ability to make a lasting impression
  • Attract more opportunities
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Save money by purchasing only what suits you
  • Ability to analyze and revamp your wardrobe

1 day

$1,200.00 HKD per person