Personal Development Workshops

Styling Parties

Ladies, are you looking for a new way to party? It’s time to have a YOU-nique styling party dedicated to celebrate your femininity. The theme of the party is to discover the colors and styles that best suit each one of you. The party is designed for a group of 4-8 people, and is perfect for bridal showers, hen nights, birthday parties, or casual get togethers. The event starts off with a basic color analysis of each person. Using various drapes and swatches, our professional stylist ascertains the colors that bring out the best of your skin tone, hair and eye color. After knowing your colours, you will then be slated to receive a bodyline and style analysis. Using your personal measurements and body shape proportions, you will be guided through the best clothing based on the principles of line, shape, colour and style. You will also have a body type analysis, which determines the types of fabrics that suit you. Filled with colour and glamour, this gathering is meant to be as fun as insightful. While bonding with your besties is priceless, branding yourself to be more beautiful and personable is invaluable. Having both the perks at the same event topped with wine and some nibbles, is indeed a party with grand style.


You Will Learn To:

  • Recognize the clothes that flatter your body shape
  • Evaluate your wardrobe at home based on what suits your body shape best
  • Recognize the hue, value, intensity and contrast of colors most suited to you
  • Pick the colors that suit you best and will understand why they suit you
  • Identify the fabrics that are most suited to your body type
  • Put outfits together in new and creative ways
  • Understand your body shape and identify styles that are most flattering
  • Account for your vertical body proportions and weight
  • Camouflage and handle figure challenges


4-8 people

3-4 hours

(depending on group size)


$900.00 HKD per person