Thriving Through Quarantine

Thriving Through Quarantine

Are you about to spend 14 days in a room? How are you feeling about it?

We invite you to take this as an opportunity to go on an inner retreat, lovingly supported by our qualified therapists to make this a valuable experience for your mental health.

We are offering a series of online sessions especially designed to make the most of your quarantine experience. You will receive 2 sessions per week to guide you to discover and achieve your personal goals during this period and facilitate a smooth transition back to your daily life. You will get one session before the quarantine to set your intentions, 4 sessions during quarantine, and one session after for you to integrate back to society.

Sessions include:

  • Goal setting
  • Discovering your personal triggers and patterns
  • Navigating quarantine induced anxiety & isolation
  • Addressing blockages
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Establishing healthy habits
  • Creating a deeper connection with yourself.


  • Peace of mind
  • Self-discovery
  • Gaining mental clarity
  • Resetting toxic patterns
  • Feeling connected, safe, and supported in your journey

Duration and Fee:
Each session is 90 minutes.
You will receive 6 online sessions for HKD7800/ USD1000.