Unveiling the Awakened Woman

Unveiling the Awakened Woman

It is said that when Salome approached the gates of the underworld, she must pass through seven gates. At each gate, she must shed one article of clothing, a jewel or a veil. Once she has removed all her veils, she reveals her truth and finds her true love. Each veil symbolizes what we are hiding.

This is a sacred journey for all women on their journey back to the truth of who you are by unveiling what you are hiding. At each veil you will release inherited, generational, cultural, spiritual, and religious veils that no long serve the woman you are and the woman you came here to BE!

These veils are who you are not and are being remembered in your subconscious as negative programing. Come with me on this exciting adventure and unveil your true self, your authentic powerful, fully embodied woman that you are, and take your rightful place on this journey of ascension into BEING the full expression of your true self without the veils.

The veils or doors you will pass through and transcend will open and evolve you in ways hidden to you until now. These include unveiling:

23 February 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Wisdom and Truth
30 March 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Nurturing and Feminine
27 April 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Tigress and Protector
25 May 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Passion and Creativity
29 June 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Lover and Romantic
27 July 2022: Unveiling and Awakening Desire and Sexuality

These unveilings are available as a stand-alone workshop or as a powerful series that builds on itself, preparing you for the next stage of your awakening on the journey of Ascension

Fast Track Technique is the premier tool for self-development, consciousness, and change. It offers solutions, brings clarity, promotes healing, and inspires change by releasing what you are NOT and replacing with what you are ready to be!

The only thing that can change if your life!

DAY: Wednesdays

23rd February 2022
30th March 2022
27th April 2022
25th May 2022
29th June 2022
27th July 2022

TIME: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Online via Zoom

PRICE: HK$420/Session
PACKAGE: HK$2,250 (All 6 Sessions)