Healing Your Inner Child Basic Course with Sonia Samtani

Healing the younger version of yourself who is still stuck with the pain of the past.

12th September 2022
10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Sonia Samtani


I really enjoyed the healing your inner child workshop it balances theory with practical experiences to help you become more whole and able to live in the present. I also learnt that it can happen at any stage of your life.

Natasha Chandler

It was a wonderful experience. So much could be revealed and then released through simple techniques. I believe healing your inner child is the important step towards a healthier happy life.

Bao Anh

It provides detailed information on what the inner child is and offers practical ways to heal it (them). It provided me the opportunity to be aware of past wounds which I was not aware of before.

Elgi Woo

I think that information and techniques given deeping this workshop will be useful for anybody, at any age. You can definitely improve so much within yourself and heal your inner traumas even.

Yana Dyplinskay

Inner child healing is one of the most powerful gifts that you can give yourself. All the triggers, stress and traumas that are present right now are the results of an unhealed past. Healing your inner-child simply means healing that younger version of yourself who is still stuck with the pain of the past and hasn’t been able move past it. Once you have healed that part of you, you will feel more complete, in control and able to face current situations as the grounded and mature adult of today.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the workings of the mind, and how inner children are formed
  • Identify where the issues that they are presently facing have come from
  • Get the opportunity to accept, heal and digest major incidents of the past
  • Reclaim the right to embrace their feelings
  • Release the external influences of society and conditioning that are not aligned with them
  • Make peace with the past and release negative cellular memories
  • Feel more peaceful and complete in their mind and bodies
  • Whether you had a happy childhood or a difficult one, there is much to gain from this workshop!




All About You Centre


Sonia has an amazing centre here that brings so much knowledge during a time it’s needed for so many. So grateful that our paths have crossed.

Lance Chiu

Loved the flow of the day and the mix of information shared to the guided meditations and sharings.

Siobhan Dumigan

This workshop was extremely informative and the presentation was clear and concise. Overall it was a very valuable experience.

Chariya Kaeomani

Such an enjoyable experience. Sonia is such an empowering source for me and I have learnt so much that can help me on a daily basis. Thank you Sonia

Judith Lin

The workshop space is secured enough to release your inner child. Sonia could guide me to find out the route course of my believing which didn’t serve to me anymore and release them. The experience was beautiful and insightful. I highly recommend her workshop.

Ryoko Aoki