At All About You we provide a safe space to heal and gain life tools that can assist anyone, young or old, to experience the beauty of life and live powerfully. What makes us stand apart from any wellness centre in Hong Kong is our dedication for growth. Not only do we focus on providing healing through hypnotherapy, TASSO regression therapy or Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) private sessions. We also provide practitioner training in these 3 modalities. What we mean by this is that we can train you to become a practitioner and see clients in the future. We take pride of being the only centre in Hong Kong that provides practitioner training, where you can become a certified practitioner in Hypnotherapy and transpersonal Regression Therapy, and everyday we look forward to continuously grow our community of healers.

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Allow the Dark to Experience the Light

We all know that life is a ride of up’s and down’s. Some days we're pinching ourselves to see if the beauty around us is real, and some days everything ...
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Self-Love on V-Day!

People often connect February with ‘Valentines Day’, and all the associations that come along with that. As children, we would enjoy our birthdays and special occasions because we had no ...
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Welcome 2019!

Happy New Year to you and welcome to a new beginning! I know that the last year seemed challenging to many people; it required us to step up and face ...
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