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Resident Practitioners

Sonia Samtani

Sonia Samtani

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer
Public Speaking Coach
Corporate Coach

Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of All About You. Sonia has an inherent passion to cultivate her community and its consciousness, which is reflected in her seminars, workshops and bespoke individual consultations. She is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer.

Louie Chan

Louie Chan

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Louie Chan has a certification with EKAA (The Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute of India). He has worked with clients to heal and resolve their issues, including smoking cessation, fears and phobias, anxiety, skin rash, insomnia, loss and grief, relationships and sports performance enhancement.

Valentina Tudose

Valentina Tudose

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer

Valentina Tudose is an established clinical hypnotherapist . She practices hypnotherapy at All About You where she also gained her certification with EKAA (The Clinical Hypnotherapy Institute of India). She is a qualified Level 1 Hypnotherapy Trainer.

Olivia Mak

Olivia Mak

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Olivia offers hypnotherapy sessions in both English and Cantonese at All About You Wellness Centre. She has worked with clients to overcome various issues, such as low self-confidence, allergies, cravings, insecurities, life transitions, fears, and anxiety.

Lisa Glasgow

Lisa Glasgow

TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release) Provider

Lisa is a qualified TRE® Provider currently living in Hong Kong. She has been working with this somatic, de-stressing therapy since 2017, guiding people to literally shake off deeply held stresses or traumas.

Brian Hayes

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Specializing in anxiety relief, depression support, and addressing work-related challenges, Brian provides personalized sessions to guide you towards a balanced and empowered life. Work with Brian to transform your mindset and navigate the path to lasting positive change.

Susanne Schutz

Susanne Schutz

Bazi Reader

Susanne is an established Feng Shui consultant and Bazi Astrology reader. She uses Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology, and Chinese Date Selection to advise clients on the path forward – be that for career, wealth, relationships, investment, health or academic purposes. 


Jessica Syvones

Jessica Syvones

Tarot Reader

Jessica Syvones is a Tarot Reader, a Clairvoyant, and a Healer. She has been involved with Spiritual practices since 1999, however her abilities started way before that. She is a very sensitive person who can feel other people’s energies and connects with people deeply and effortlessly through Universal energy.

Vannessa Misso-Veness

Transformational Coach

Vannessa Misso-Veness started out her career as an educator, focused on supporting learners through their academic journey. She has coached parents on mindful and conscious parenting, too.


Akankasha Kothari

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Akankasha is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga instructor, Yoga therapist, NLP practitioner & a keen explorer of the science behind how human body & mind works in tune with our emotions. She is intuitive & sensitive to the vibes of places, people & incidents. 

Visiting Practitioners


Jaz Goven

Fast Track Technique Facilitator

Jaz is the creator of the the Fast Track Technique and cares deeply about her clients’ journey towards a balanced well-being.


Max Coppa

Palmistry & Numerology Expert

Max Coppa is Australia’s most recognised expert in palmistry, numerology and dream interpretation with over 35 years’ experience.

Louis-Adrian Ollu

Osteopath & Holistic Health Practitioner

Louis is a French Osteopath & Holistic health practitioner practicing in Hong Kong. He is also trained in Traditional Chinese medicine. Louis uses different diagnostic methods to find the root cause of imbalances.

Sam Spiro

Psychic Medium Zen Teacher

Sam Spiro is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Spiritual & Emotional Holistic Hypnotherapy, Sedona Method “Emotional Unsticking” One-To-One Coaching, teaching Mindfulness and Anxiety-Coping techniques, as well as a member of The Reiki Association in the UK.


Yuvraj Kapadia

Hypnotherapist / Hypnotherapy Trainer

As founder of EKAA and California Hypnosis Institute of India, Yuvraj has taken the influence of hypnosis and hypnotherapy across the globe.

Peter Freeth

NLP Trainer

Peter has 25 years experience of learning, innovating and training NLP. He is a regular speaker at the International NLP Conference and is a full member of the NLP Leadership Summit, a group comprising the world’s most experienced NLP trainers.

Angelina Paraliki

Psychic and Spiritual Consultant

Angelina Paraliki is an International Psychic Medium offering professional consultations for life guidance by connecting with the source of universal energy that flows through us all. From this unique perspective she is able to help others develop their own gifts, connect with their loved ones in Spirit, or simply gain a deeper understanding and an insight with which to move forward in their lives.