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The only way to love is to accept fully and be with the truth of what is, without wanting to change it. Of course, we can still grow and evolve; that type of change comes naturally if we are present and inspired.

Conversely, if we continue to feel a sense of inadequacy about ourselves, upset towards others, or disappointment at situations, then any change we seek to make will essentially be an overcompensation.

Signs that your actions are loving:

  • It’s easy for you to say ‘no’ when you want to, with compassion and without feeling guilty
  • You speak with kindness both internally to yourself, and externally to others
  • You express your truth more
  • You seek to understand before you judge
  • You do things because you choose to rather than have to
  • You are present to the moment, instead of thinking how this moment will look to others You feel connected to others
  • You feel a sense of enjoyment in doing simple things

This month, as we celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentines Day, let’s incorporate more loving actions into our lives. Which one are you inspired to do?

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