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Life continues to show us how things keep changing, be it the weather, our feelings, the price of groceries, the crypto market, or our relationships. Changes are a part of nature. Energy keeps moving, and it only becomes problematic if we perceive it to be. If we resist the fluctuations of life and wish for things to stay the same, we will feel upset and attached to our desires. If we accept that every experience is transitory and embrace the law of impermanence, we will feel in flow. It’s not always easy to be with changes, especially if you are dealing with loss. Yet, the truth is that everything that naturally exists in physical reality either dies, deteriorates, develops, or evolves in some way. The only thing that can remain stuck without moving forward is our mindset.

To get unstuck, it takes awareness, commitment, and action. First, we need to discover where we are stuck in our beliefs and our hidden rules of how life is ‘supposed to be’. Then, make a conscious decision to let go of this attachment so that we can be with the way things are. And finally, take action to move forward to a new future with acceptance of the past. It’s not always comfortable to face reality, and that’s a part of life’s experience. The big question is, do you have the courage to face the fact that things change and move past the discomfort? If you do, there is a lot of peace on the other side!

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