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There is great value in ‘the power of now’ and staying in the present, however, it’s not so easy! So many of our experiences are coloured by the past, and this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing if we have grown from it. Through our past experiences we could have learned to treat our children better than the way we perceived we were treated, or communicate in a way that’s more respectful, and thus we can use the past to evolve if we are conscious.

However the past can also unconsciously influence us in ways that we do not want, and this is when we lose the grip of the present moment and get hijacked by the incidents of the past that we can’t let go of. For example, we may have difficulty trusting in people because our house was burgled when we were 3 years old, and the memory still haunts us. Or we can’t love our spouse fully because we had our heart broken as a teenager in love, or perhaps we are frugal with money after watching our parents lose it all.

In this way, the past keeps us from living the way we want to due to the conclusions that we had formed to deal with the previous crisis. In these cases regressing to the past is extremely helpful to discover where our limiting beliefs are coming from so we can finally let it go and relieve ourselves from its effects. Regression for this purpose is extremely therapeutic to both release toxicity and bring awareness, so we can finally live in the now!