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This month I wanted to share a little bit about my story. Who I am today is an amalgamation of my own transformational journey, my stand for people to be mentally healthy, and divine grace that inspires people to keep seeking me out for what I have to say. My journey began with my own story; in my twenties my happiness was highly dependent on how people viewed me. My need for external validation made me insecure, anxious, and tired of constantly needing to please. When I reached my limit, I decided to try something new and look inwards instead of outwards. I decided to do what it takes so I could self-validate instead of needing validation from others. I discovered that the root cause of my issues were my beliefs. I went on a quest to discover, understand, and finally heal my core limiting beliefs, and it made a monumental difference to my self-worth and confidence. I learned several modalities of therapy, healing, counselling, and specialized in hypnotherapy and regression. I went from someone who would second guess how I sounded when I was ordering a meal, to someone who values her voice and speaks in front of large audiences of up to ten thousand people.

I am both privileged and humbled to see similar profound changes in the people who come to All About You, whether it’s for a session or a workshop. We have seen people overcome debilitating fears, get rid of physical tumors, turn their finances around, and feel an immense sense of inner-peace to name some. Reflecting and evolving is a never-ending process, and whether you are new or experienced in personal development, we would love to continue supporting you to create a life that inspires you. We are happy to introduce a new Wellness Consultation service with our Centre Manager who can understand your specific needs and curate something that’s special and individual to you. You can schedule a 20 mins call with her here.

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