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You may not realize it, but eating healthy and thinking healthy are the parallel frames that support a healthy life. Everybody knows that eating right and getting enough exercise is key to keeping your body healthy, but what about your mind?

Stress, lack of sleep and most of all – negativity, are all factors that can not only drain you mentally, but can affect you physically as well – regardless of what shape you’re in. People always find something to complain about – from the Monday morning traffic to the weather, and it’s this negativity that can affect your diet and weight. When you think negative thoughts, you’re flooding your body with adrenaline and cortisol – hormones that cause you to go into ‘survival mode’ and make you store extra weight.

Thinking negatively also means you’re more likely to feel depressed, which is when most of the comfort eating occurs. Furthermore, holding onto negative emotions like anger and fear can also be incredibly exhausting! You may find yourself ‘too tired’ to go for your morning runs, or even to get out of bed. You’ll find that it doesn’t really matter how many celery sticks you eat, because if your mind’s not healthy – neither are you! So if you really want to fit into those size 10 jeans, the answer to your problems might just be to think positively. ‘Lips to your hips?’ More like ‘Mind to your behind!’