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This month, we wanted to shed some light on the purpose of using various healing modalities. We host a suite of different services, and each one has its own place and purpose.  When seeking support of any sort, it’s important to know what you are looking for and be clear on whether the modality offered meets your requirements.  There can be so many objectives to therapy such as wanting to overcome a fear, releasing a deep-seated belief, discovering why you feel a certain way, enhance a skill, or gaining clarity on an aspect of your life.

Within alternative medicine, certain modalities are great for gaining clarity and diagnosing issues such as tarot reading, palm reading, numerology, or psychic reading.  They may not heal or resolve an issue, however, they can provide clarity and direction.   Other modalities involve healing where the practitioner shifts something on your behalf, and you feel different after; Reiki healing, Sekham Healing, Chakra balancing, Kinesiology and other types of energy healing fall into this category. This is great for people who feel disempowered or feel like they are ‘suffering’.

If you are looking to shift toxic patterns from the past by understanding what caused it, using your own intention to release it and gain wisdom on how to move forward, then we would recommend types of therapy where the practitioner facilitates you to go within and do you own inner-work. These modalities include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and  some forms of counselling.

Finally, if you are looking for someone to create a future for you and move you forward, that would be the role of a life coach. At our centre, we see the beauty in all modalities and believe they all have a place. You need to know what resonates with you most at this present time and make a conscious choice of what would support your goals.

Please do let us know if you need any assistance in discovering what’s right for you!