Healing your Inner Child

What is Inner Child?

One of the biggest things that has the capacity to influence us is unhealed traumas of our past. Almost every person has experienced some form of trauma as a child. The inner child is a younger part of yourself that is stuck in the trauma of the past.

How to heal your Inner Child?

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the workings of the mind, and how inner children are formed
  • Identify where the issues that they are presently facing have come from
  • Get the opportunity to accept, heal and digest major incidents of the past
  • Reclaim the right to embrace their feelings
  • Release the external influences of society and conditioning that are not aligned with them
  • Make peace with the past and release negative cellular memories
  • Feel more peaceful and complete in their mind and bodies

Once you have healed that part of you, you will feel more complete, in control and able to face current situations as the grounded and mature adult of today.

Whether you had a happy childhood or a difficult one, there is much to gain from this workshop!

If you are interested in a private session of inner child healing, please click here

$1,700.00 HKD

Full Day Workshop
8 Hours