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As we move into the second quarter of the year, we invite you to take a moment to focus on your communication in intimate relationships. We’ve noticed that conflicts in relationships is becoming a popular theme for clients visiting our centre and our message is that for all loving relationships of partners, parent-child, siblings and close friends; Intention is Everything!!

Conflicts arise when we feel something is unjust, someone has wronged us, or they have not met our expectations. In the conflict we often take one of three roles: blamer, victim or prosecutor… And we are in the drama! The simplest way to get out of the drama is to trust that in relationships where there is a foundation of care, there usually is no intention to hurt. The misalignment is either coming from both parties focusing on their own pain rather than thinking of the other, or doing what they think is best for the other without checking-in. Acknowledging that the other person’s intention is positive is a great start to resolution and creates receptivity for feedback.

Our request is to identify any conflict you would like to resolve with a loved one, think about what the intention of the other could have been, and pull yourself out of the drama with some compassion and understanding.

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
April 2016