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No matter what you do, you cannot prevent pain or challenges from occurring in your life. They are a natural and inevitable part of the human experience. The only thing you can do is trust that you have the resources to handle them. I have seen too often how people adopt coping mechanisms of withdrawing, escaping, or controlling as a way to prevent themselves from getting hurt, only to find that they are still at risk of being hurt and have accumulated anxiety along the way! What if instead of being the preventer of pain, we expect it as a natural part of duality, and focus on strengthening our faith to be able to handle it? I invite you this month to shift your relationship to the challenges of life; instead of avoiding them with the belief that they shouldn’t be, face them with strength and believe that they are supposed to be.

In the light of naming both the dark and light aspects of life, I am happy to announce the growth of riding the challenges of long hours, preparation, and dedicated practice; This month I have been certified as an International Master Trainer in the art and science of Hypnotherapy, and awarded best Wellness Entrepreneur of the Year, and Best Mental Health Centre in Hong Kong! Thank you all for your support and trust in me, and I endeavour to grow even more next year to bring you more transformative programs and more expert practitioners in the centre!

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