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I’m happy to see that ‘wellness’ has become the big buzzword in Hong Kong; most people around me are finding out what to eat, where to buy their organic products, how to juice, how to incorporate a fitness regime in their lifestyle and so on. While it’s great to see people making more conscious decisions about their bodies, I would also like to remind you that your *mind* is the gateway to your wellness.

If you are mentally stressed, anxious or depressed, the effects of your food and fitness are minimal. An easy way to think of this is that your thoughts are the primary food that you feed yourself, so in order for your body to function optimally this needs most attention. If you have diabetes or cancer and were taught to eat more raw food because it doesn’t spread the disease, and you eat it fearfully because you are afraid it may get worse, the fear is the primary thing that you are feeding your body and sadly it is likely to spread the disease!

So, while you are doing all your research on wellness for the betterment of yourself and your family, please think about your mindset too as that’s going to determine how well you feel. Let’s start with something simple; before you eat your next meal (and yes, please eat healthy) think about the state of your mind, are your thoughts and emotions serving you, or does this need to be worked on? If it does need work we have plenty to offer for deeper wounds, though you can start with simple meditations, affirmations or a gratitude journal to change your state.