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Level 3 Hypnotherapy with Sonia Samtani

Continue your journey on becoming a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

Thursday, 19th August – Sunday, 22nd August 2021

10:00AM – 7:00PM


Sonia Samtani

This training covers:

• Physical & Emotional Sexuality
• Relationship Counseling
• Use of Counseling and Interviewing Techniques
• Use of Family Systems Approach
• Child Hypnosis
• Eating Disorders – Anorexia & Bulimia
• Substance Abuse – Alcohol & Drugs
• Defense Mechanisms
• Understanding Basics of Handwriting Analysis
• Weight Control
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Use of Mental Bank
• Understanding Past Life Regression

Level 2 Certification: Certification Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Behavioral Resolutions

Advanced Course in Integrated Hypnotic Modalities for Health Resolutions

Fee: HKD7,025.00

Refresher (per day): HKD300.00


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