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Empowering Artwork

$ 1,890.00

Empowering Artwork



We are proud to be promoting the “Empowering Artwork” of Mumbai based Yogini Murdeshwara, an ex-banker turned painter, not simply for passion’s sake but for healing. Each painting she creates is personalized to enhance, heal or empower an individual in any area of life. Meditating on the information provided, Yogini reaches into what she calls the ‘Ultimate Consciousness of the Universe’, taps into the person’s energies and create personalized painting by putting on canvas the inspiration that she receives.

The painting is sent along with a detailed explanation and guidance on the meditation recommended to bring out the intention. Her channeled paintings have an Indian touch and her clients have found it to be extremely powerful and healing when meditated upon. Her work can best be described as healing through colour and silent expression.

What information would I need to provide when making an order?
Yogini requires the below information about the person for whom she is creating the painting:

  • Full Name
  • The relationship with the person should it be a gift. It can be a couple, family and/or company
  • The intention or objective of the painting. For example, to bring balance, harmony, love, strength, wealth, success in all endeavors, success in marriage, etc.

* Kindly email the above information to 

What is the size?
The painting is 30 x 23cm and comes in a cardboard frame of 42 x 35cm.


HKD 1,800, including shipping from Mumbai to Hong Kong.
It takes about three weeks for a maximum of two paintings to be delivered and will need to be picked up at our premisis.

For more paintings to be sent at once the delivery time will vary.


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