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Does it feel like 24 hours is much shorter than before? It’s not just you that feels that way! There is scientific evidence to support this. According to the Schumann Resonance which measures the Earth’s natural heartbeat, we have been at a steady 7.83 cycles per seconds for decades. However since then the number has been rising; in 2014 it spiked at 8.5Hz and now has risen up to 16.5 Hz. So what used to be 24 hours now feels like 16 to 17 hours!

With things speeding up consciousness is also shifting to bring us more information than before. The lessons that would take many lifetimes to achieve can be done in one, and the healing that would take 10 sessions is now accomplished in one! I have been grateful to see that in a single session clients can overcome severe phobias, decades of guilt and long-term depression.

This month in our new centre, we look forward to visiting practitioners who are operating in the same vibration. We have Jaz Goven whose Fast Track Technique can overcome blockages with a few sentences. We also have our beloved psychic reader and Shamanic expert Teya K Estar, who is renowned for accessing lifetimes of information in a session.

There is now access to more wisdom and we can’t pretend to be confused or helpless anymore. I am suggesting that you actually know the answer to your biggest block. If you think you do not know, that is your defence mechanism kicking in and doing a good job! If you dare to trust this, I invite you to think about one decision that you have perhaps been delaying to make that would truly make a difference to your quality of life. If you step up and take action, what could change for you? The time is now! Ready? Set? Go!

Consciously yours,
Sonia Samtani

Director, All About You Centre
June 2016