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Have you noticed that sometimes no matter how bad you want something, how hard you pray for it, and how many times you visualise getting what you desire, it just doesn’t go your way?!  I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about, and although it feels difficult, these are the most ‘teachable moments’ that life presents to us. This is where we learn that our conscious inputs cannot guarantee that someone will love us or our situation will change, and the only way out is to let go.

When we feel like we have done everything and yet the situation is the same we have two options; to get angry at life and at God for being so unfair to us, or to relook at the situation with acceptance and get out of the drama! One of the fundamental truths we are living with is that we will experience duality, there will be both light and darkness in our lives, there will be experiences that are both pleasant and unpleasant, and the only thing we have full say over is our interpretation of the situation and our responses.

Praying for a result doesn’t always work, as our conscious mind cannot control what is meant to be and often doesn’t see the big picture or know what is right for us in the long-run. Praying for strength to handle what comes our way and to ‘accept things the way they are’ is far more empowering and something we have full control over.  Accepting and surrendering to the way things are changes our filter from ‘why me? This is so wrong!’ to ‘I have what it takes to be with this situation’.  It gives us the power to be with people and situations without judging them, gets us out of the role of being a victim (who is suffering), and keeps us far more centred and grounded. You get to a place where you are okay with or without the situation changing, which is extremely freeing (if things do shift – it’s a bonus, and if not you are okay).

To all those beautiful people who are facing more challenges recently, I can understand your pain, and invite you to try the route of surrender & acceptance.