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If you are reading this, then you have experienced the ride of 2020, seen things come to an end, perhaps experienced some sense of loss, witnessed your plans collapsing, adapted to shifts that were unforeseen, innovated new ways of being, and moved forward through it all. Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for all that it’s taken, and all that you’ve done.

One of the fundamental laws of the universe is that everything is energy and keeps moving, so that means nothing is constant and we will keep moving through cycles. Each cycle has a beginning, middle, and an end, and then a new cycle begins. It’s my belief that we have just witnessed the ending of life the way we knew it, and entered an interim period at the beginning of 2021 before the next cycle truly begins.

In this period, we have choices to make about how we would like to start the next cycle. Our choices, our attitude, and our focus will hugely determine how the next cycle will be for us. We can choose to be victims and collapse along with the old systems because of our attachment, or choose to accept what’s happened and ride the new waves that are emerging.

I understand that the last year was hard for many, growing through pain has become a natural part of undergoing ‘endings’ for our ego. If we think about it, the only reason why endings are hard is because of the pain we feel from losing what we have attached our identities with.

Here are some universal laws that 2020 has brought to the surface:

Change is the only constant.
Through pleasure we plateau, through pain we grow (by shedding the ego).
When we detach ourselves from our ego, we are fundamentally the same (without any hierarchy).
Here are some things to think about during this interim period between the end of one cycle and beginning of another:

If you acknowledge that you have choice over your focus, your attitude, and your interpretations, what choices do you want to make?
If you recognise that you have the power to innovate, what do you want to create in 2021?

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