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It takes conscious determination to create and maintain any type of change, otherwise, we tend to fall back into our default mode. As human beings, our minds have a tendency to interpret anything that is ‘known’ as safe, and anything is ‘unknown’ as potential danger. When things are familiar like driving a car, we can act unconsciously without even thinking about it. If a situation is new, we are naturally more alert to what it may require of us. In this sense, doing anything new will naturally take more energy, more awareness, and more determination to keep it going.

Take some time to think about the changes you are inspired to make in your lives as you move into 2021. Here are some guidelines on how to create lasting changes in your life:

1) Be inspired.
Do it because “you are inspired” to instead of because “you should”. When you are inspired, you are taking action from a place of accepting where you are, instead of judging where you are.

2) Have a clear vision.
The clearer you are about the change you want to make, the more likely you are to achieve it. Make your intention so clear that it paints a vivid picture in your mind and you can see yourself doing it.

3) Make sure the changes you want to make are 100% under your control.
What you can control fully are your thoughts, choices, and actions.

4) Keep it simple.
Create one change at a time. When we want to change many things at the same time, we are less likely to keep them going.

5) Schedule your actions.
If you really want something, schedule it in your diary and plan for it to happen.

6) When it’s time to act, do it within 5 seconds!
Accept that you won’t always feel up to it. When you feel yourself getting tempted to go back to your old ways, take action within 5 seconds!

Remember that it’s not only you that feels uncomfortable with change, it’s the way we were designed! Yet there is hope, and you don’t need to be stuck in our old ways. Know the most important part is to just get started!

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