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With the recent pandemic hitting China & Hong Kong our collective focus is moving more towards wellness than before. However, are we being precautious because we are feeling fearful of getting sick, or are we feeling inspired to be well? Although it sounds subtle, our intentions make a big difference to our well-being. Hence whilst it is imperative to take action towards our health and safety, it’s even more crucial to maintain a healthy state of mind.

Please take a moment to reflect on your current state of mind and observe your thoughts towards the virus; are you fearful and negative, or are you feeling in-charge? I’m not suggesting to be in denial about the gravity of the situation, rather to acknowledge the situation and focus on moving towards health than away from sickness. Your thoughts are the primary food that you are feeding your body and are more powerful than any action you take. This means that any person who has ever gotten sick or even gotten into an accident has only been susceptible to it because their thoughts would have been stressful at the time. So even if you think are unwell because you ate something wrong or fell down the stairs, when you play your thoughts in slow-motion just before the accident you would most likely notice that you were not feeling content at the time, which made you less present and more vulnerable to falling sick.

In light of all this, I invite you all to move towards your well-being by focusing on getting what you want, rather than focusing on avoiding what you don’t want. Taking actions towards your health from a place of inspiration will naturally make you feel strong and in-charge of your body. Trust in your body’s natural ability to keep you healthy and know that you have the resources to handle what comes your way. Let’s not forget that wellness starts with the mind!

Wishing you all a healthy start to the year of the Metal Rat!

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