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Overcoming Fears & Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear whereby a client feels it but has no clue why. Sufferers are often aware of this but find that they cannot control it.  Any reference to the stimulus triggers a physiological response and extreme stress for a person; the source can be an animal, object, sound or situation.  Fears and phobias are extremely common and come in a wide range.

Below is a list of a few common fears:

  • Fear of Needles
  • Fear of Blood
  • Fear of Dentists
  • Fear of Heights
  • Fear of Lifts
  • Fear of Water
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of Insects of Animals

Phobias can be distressing and debilitating. Often there will be avoidance of the source, coupled with loss of control, helplessness and embarrassment.

Hypnotherapy has shown itself to be one of the most effective treatment for fears and phobias. it works by accessing the subconscious to discover the root cause of the phobia, and eliminates the current conditioned response to the stimulus.  We encourage our clients to test themselves after our sessions and face their phobia, and have seen some tremendous results whereby clients have achieved their desired result of calmness, confidence or freedom.

How The Process Works:

The First Session:
Our first role is to clearly identify your objective and gain some background on the issue. All behavior is governed by beliefs, and we work with the beliefs you have accumulated in the subconscious mind that are holding you back. During the  session you will learn how the mind works, and discover beliefs that you have that are supporting you and sabotaging you towards achieving your goal. We will end with a tailor-made guided meditation that you can take home and listen to for the next few weeks.

Subsequent Sessions:
Each session comprises of several healing techniques, hypnotherapy, visualisations and exercises to release the disempowering beliefs and experiences from your subconscious mind. We believe that this journey is a partnership between you and the therapist, and will be giving you simple exercises to do for homework so you can maintain the shifts at home and create lasting change together.

Each session takes between 60-90 minutes, with the exception of the first session that includes a case history and is approximately 90 minutes.

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60-90 minutes