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Is it possible to completely avoid negative thoughts? To think that we should be positive 100% of the time? If you fall into the category, then that’s remarkable, simply because we are living in duality and there will always be two polar opposite energies. Negative thoughts and energies have the tendency follow us wherever we go, no matter what we do; but the good news is that positive thoughts do the same! With that being said, we have the choice.

People generally have about 25,000-50,000 thoughts a day. Depending on the type of person you are (ie. Pessimist vs optimist), the nature of the thoughts vary. Obviously you would assume that if you were a pessimist, you would have a more cynical outlook on life whereas if you were an optimist, you are generally happy. Ultimately though, this seems unrealistic. Yes, being a positive person is extremely important, however for that healthy mindset, we need to understand and accept that there will always be negative thoughts. More importantly, knowing the purpose, and knowing how to use the 2 properly is most important.

Here is a scenario where the use of both the mindsets are equally as important.

Let’s say that you and your friend had a huge fight and haven’t been talking for a couple days. An optimist would believe that time, patience etc will mend the problem on its own, meaning out of the blue, the would just suddenly be happy and best friends again. While this may happen once in a while, the root of the problem still underlies the friendship. This is where pessimism might come in handy. A pessimist will try to solve the problem, asking questions like “Was it my fault?”, “Was this the reason?”. They are critically analyzing the problem, and finding the cause to the issue. In this scenario allowing the person to reflect and solve. Positive thinking give life optimism and mental toughness, negative thinking however to a certain extent makes you more critical. Due to this, finding the harmonious balance between the 2 is thus the key component of life.