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If you are reading this, you are probably into wellness and mental health. It isn’t news that the universe has your back. Consciousness IS on your side and it always has been. The best evidence for this is when you realise how grateful you are that you didn’t get what you wanted in the past, because it really wouldn’t have made you happy, or that something far more rewarding was in store for you that you didn’t know about then.

So, instead of questioning life or other people, the only thing to reflect on, is your own mindset. Do YOU have your back at this moment?

Signs that you don’t have your back:

  1. Feeling like a victim, thinking things are unfair, and believing like you don’t have a choice.
  2. Feeling unlucky, short-changed, or revengeful when what you were attached to didn’t happen.
  3. Consistently criticising or blaming yourself for things not going well in your life, and believing that your actions alone are the cause of it all.
  4. As evolved as we are, we can still have a voice within that believes that the world is against us. If we look at the positive intent of this voice, we will see that it’s doing its best to protect us and survive. Instead of judging that voice as being negative, why not understand that it is a part of you, doing the best it can to help you? You can decide that YOU will be on the same side as that voice, instead of wanting that voice to change for you. You can give love and acceptance to that voice, and say to it:

“I see you, and I see you are in pain, and you are doing your best. I am not here to judge you. I accept you, and I give you space”.

When you create space for your voice of pain, YOU are being on your own side. Then, you will find that the voice feels acknowledged, and it subsides into the background. Then, there is room for you to feel resourceful, trusting, and accepting of the things that life brings to you. You know you can handle it all, and you have the strength to face what comes your way. Those are signs that you have your own back!

So, are you ready to start being on your own side?

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